BMW to move forward with their i sub-brand for the EV and hybrid market

German automotive giant BMW recently unveiled their new vehicles which will be going into production and then marketed under the i sub-brand. This will mainly be made up of concepts of electric vehicles as well as hybrid where the first one to see the light would be the i3 city car. This will be going […]

Google’s Engineer Killed after raged driver hit his BMW

Steve Lacey, a software engineer with world search engine leader Google was killed when a Hyundai Sonata slammed into his BMW. The Hyundai driver was involved with a road-rage incident where he was chasing another vehicle when he lost control and slammed Lacey’s BMW who was out shopping at that time.

North America BMW CEO to retire this year

The current Chief Executive Officer of BMW North America, Jim O’Donnell has announced that he will retire later this year. He has been holding the post since 2008 and Ludwig Willisch will be taking over when he steps down. Since taking over the operations of BMW North America, O’Donnell has changed the company significantly that […]

Third generation of Minis to be fully integrated into BMW

The scheduled new models of the third generation Minis will start from 2013 and it was announced that they will be fully integrated into the BMW family for better cost-efficiency and product positioning. BMW, the brand owner of the Mini announced that the new MK3 Mini will be built based on the new BMW platform […]

BMW 7 Series review

They say that when you buy a BMW you buy German technology at its best. If you buy the top range of the BMW, well, that is going for the best of the best for sure. The BMW 7 series raises the bar of excellence every time a new model is launched. The company will […]

BMW X5 review

MPVs and 4WDs are one of the current craze in the car industry. BMW launched its own fleet of the non-sedan vehicles in the X3s and X5s in the last few years or so giving consumers and car owners more choices and not confined to just the 3 or 5 series. To say the least, […]

BMW Z4 review

If you have seen the Z series of the BMW you will most likely be know that the girl-magnet car is bound to make heads turn whenever you are out for a spin. This is design at its best if you know what we mean giving you all you need in style, performance and attraction […]

Facelift for BMW 3 Series – 2010

The latest 3 series from BMW has been launched in Malaysia where it falls under the category with cars like the W204 C-Class. The 2010 versions are locally assembled coming along with great handling and superb design. If you have been following the 3 series closely over the past few years, you will definitely be […]

BMW 320i Sports version

As addition to its range of 3 Series variations, the BMW 3 Series Sports edition comes where its quality exceed its expectations. The 320i and 325i both comes with the Sports model where owners are able to choose a more sportier look to their BMWs. Compared to its lesser beings which are the non-sports versions, […]


The X series of the BMW line of cars are always greeted with glares and awe. While you will most likely be used to seeing X5s and X3s on the road, the X6 which is the higher range of it all would definitely make you think you will want one if you can. Such is […]