You know that whenever you see a BMW with an M in the front of the model number regardless if its a 1, 2, 3, or 5 is where you will be sure to get great performance, superior styling and design and such. Such is the 130i M Sport that comes out of the BMW factory and into our roads. You have to be well aware by now that the 1 Series are not entry level cars, just smaller but equal for the money you are paying for. The positioning of the 130i M Sports version is somewhat is conundrum. It is a bit too expensive for a car of this level but not expensive enough to fend off the higher end fast cars, hence it is difficult to first pin point who the actual customers will be. But having said that, and considering all the features of the car and its performance, you cannot but accept that this car is meant for someone who knows what they are looking for and hence not for the conventional.


The 130i M Sports version is one of the best hatchback cars you can find at the moment. It might be pricey where it is sold at RM329,000 which you might be able to possibly buy the 3 Series M version which is locally assembled to say the least but it is going to be the best, you cannot deny that. The car comes with an impressive 265 horsepower at 6,600rpm and 315Nm of torque at 2,750rpm. The fact that it is an M Sport version means that you will enjoy great suspension and superb handling.


You will notice a 2 tone rear bumper with the M Light Alloy Double Stoke 18 inch wheels which are wider at the rear. It takes about 6 seconds to get you from 0 to 100km/h and it accelerates steadily where it becomes somewhat addictive. The car operates itself very well in gear shifts even if you are going downhill and handling as mentioned is top notch quality. You will not really feel much of risk in sharp corners as the 130i handles itself very well. If you like to go manual, then you can do so with the paddle shifts in the steering wheel.


Inside the 130i Sports, you will notice the M Leather steering as well as some minor details like the M sidesteps. You will notice here that the M Sports Suspension do get a bit bumpy if you are driving in the city because it is meant for highway and fast driving. Space wise, you get the comfort alike some higher versions of BMWs but if you are a passenger than you will find it to be a bit overly crampy, after all it is a hatchback. Starting the 130i Sports is a revelation in that using the Key-less system, when you reach the car, it detects the key and you can straightaway open the door. Once in the car, you start the engine by the pressing of the Engine Start button and you will be amazed with the sound it produces. Practicality wise, the 130 is not such an economical choice, after all it is a sports version so you cannot expect much leg room or boot space to go with it, but for speed and adrenaline, this car will come up tops.


Ultimately, the 130i M Sports version is a car that gives you the looks and performance if you are one of those performance junkies around. Some said that the Mini Cooper S might be a better choice as it is easier to drive, smaller and might just be faster. Considering the price in comparison perhaps it is, but what BMW owns, BMW sells. You will not go wrong with this car and if you are a BMW lover, this would be the best choice around.


So if you are looking for something that exudes your personality of fast pace, performance oriented and unconventional vehicle, the 130i M Sports BMW is a great choice. Of course, there are other choices which would give this version a run for their money but if it is character you are looking for, performance your addiction and speed being your adrenaline pumper, then it fits perfectly well here. Otherwise, if you want economy or space, the bigger cars might just appeal. There is just no hatchbacks that come close to what the BMW 130i M Sports version has to offer, it is one of its kind and is meant for drivers who are up for this.