As addition to its range of 3 Series variations, the BMW 3 Series Sports edition comes where its quality exceed its expectations. The 320i and 325i both comes with the Sports model where owners are able to choose a more sportier look to their BMWs. Compared to its lesser beings which are the non-sports versions, the 320i Sports is very much different. This you will notice to be the body of the car where there are the M Aerodynamics Kit where you would significantly spot at that there are bigger air inlets as well as a rear diffuser at the front air dam. One look at the tires is where you will notice that the the Sports version comes standard fitted with 17 inch Dual Spoke M Light Alloy wheels. Apart from that, you will also see that it comes with the Shadow Line high gloss black windows and mirror frame. On the height side, the 320i Sports is lowered by a hefty 15 millimeters as compared to its ‘normal’ version which gives it a more aggressive outlook and style.


Custom fitted with a 2.0 liter inline 4 Valvetronic engine, the 320i is capable to churning up to 156 horsepower at 6400 rpm while the 320i SE is only able to give you 6 horsepowers less. The car takes slightly less than 10 seconds to get from 0 to 100km/h which is somewhat similar to the base model. The extra kick in overtaking maneuvers did not quite live up to its name and standard, where it takes a while to get to its top speed of somewhere around 215km/h.


Essentially, the 320i Sports version is comfortable to say the least. Equipped with the M Sports suspension, it is a comfortable ride as well as superb handling that will give you what you need when traveling. You can pretty much take sharp corners with confidence with this one due to its lowered nature as well as the back diffuser.


Inside the 320i Sports, you will find the M Leather steering wheel which typically is an eye-candy. The sports seat pretty much wraps around you so that you do not move around much with some great built-in accessories like the USB compatible audio system where you can plug in your iPod or your MP3 players in the midst of the cup holder which is refrigerated. Priced at RM245,800, the BMW 320 Sports is not an overpriced car although you might consider settling for the standard version which comes with pretty much the same performance for a cheaper alternative.