German automotive giant BMW recently unveiled their new vehicles which will be going into production and then marketed under the i sub-brand. This will mainly be made up of concepts of electric vehicles as well as hybrid where the first one to see the light would be the i3 city car.

This will be going public in 2013 while a year later will see the i8 sports care coming out. From there, more i model will be rolling out to meet the rising demand for alternative fuel vehicles as well as to overcome the problem of rising fuel prices affecting the world over.

The i3 concept is reported to be able to go for about 130 to 160 km when fully charged. It is a 170 horsepower rear-wheel drive electric vehicle which is very much performance based, requiring only slightly less than 8 seconds to get from zero to hundred and top speeding at 150km/h.

Meanwhile, the future plan is also to produce the i8 sports car which if it is based on the concept plug-in hybrid model will come with a 3 cylinder combustion engine that can boost up 220 horses. This coupe version will be made to run for up to 35km on electric power through its lithium-ion battery pack.