MPVs and 4WDs are one of the current craze in the car industry. BMW launched its own fleet of the non-sedan vehicles in the X3s and X5s in the last few years or so giving consumers and car owners more choices and not confined to just the 3 or 5 series. To say the least, you can always expect a superior quality and persona when it comes to BMWs as they will not let any detail go unnoticed in their models. Whether it is a Sedan, an SUV or a Sports car, you can see significant effort being put into the design and the functionality of what they can offer. So when it comes to the X5, you can be sure of superb quality and excellent performance as well.


BMW’s venture into the SUV market came through with its X5 vehicles. The E70 engine fitted version is known as the ‘Sports Activity Vehicle’ which comes available in 3 different variations. You can choose between the 3 liter petrol versions, the 3 liter turbodiesel or the very enticing 4.8 V8 petrol versions respectively. The newer version looks more articulate than its predecessor which was more bulky and somehow looks careless. This is the car that gives you the aggressiveness persona while exuding a certain luxury in its nature. It is slightly longer and wider as compared to those that came before this while the wheel base is increased by more than 11 centimeters.


On the inside, you will notice that the X5 is extremely spacious. Essentially, the X5 is perfect for 5 adults to fit in although you could go for the additional 2 seats at the back, but being more a natural 4WD vehicle than an MPV, the 2 additional seats really would take up your boot space and would leave you with very minimal storage space left, so unless it is necessary, you might want to give it a miss. Otherwise, you can rest assure that boot space is very huge as the back seats can be folded to give you more space than you can ever imagine.


You get a lot of room for your feet and getting in and out of the car is almost effortless. The dashboard comes with some elegant wood finish while there are enough accessories that are almost perfect in form and function all round the vehicle. This is the car which you will find the BMW’s own iDrive system which are also custom fitted in the 5 and 3 series as well. The GPS navigation system takes a while to get used to but once you get the hang of it, you become somewhat overly dependent on it. The iDrive, which is typically a navigation system with Bluetooth capabilities is not for everyone so you might need to find something to go with it, otherwise you will be finding more problems than convenience there. Otherwise, as an audio player and for storage purposes, you will wonder why haven’t anyone figured this out earlier.


The car’s performance is one that you can be thankful for because it gives you the push you need as well as the pull whenever it is necessary as well. On the entry model, which is the 3 liter version, you get a total of 520 Nm of torque at 2000 rpm. The car comes standard with the ZF 6 Speed STEPTRONIC gear transmission with very convenient driving experience. One thing good about this car is that its all wheel drive system gives you the handling you need albeit its tall nature.


For such a big and tall car like this, you will find that it handles pretty well unlike other cars of this nature which gives you the feeling that you are maneuvering a huge ship instead of driving a car. It is fast enough to give you the power you need but might be hard on the knocks, then again, it is a 4 wheeler which naturally is tall, so you should not expect much comfort that comes with other versions.


Typically, the X5 is not designed if you are an off-road adventurer as it is more luxurious than rugged. The 3.0 turbodiesel version is CBU which is sold at RM 568,800 that comes with free service for 3 years. Driving the X5 really will not give you the feeling that you are off to bully the ‘smaller’ cars but is more an eye-candy. This is a definite head turner and should not be regarded as a 4WD in any sense. After all, at half a million Ringgit, you will want to take care of the car as much as you like.