If you have seen the Z series of the BMW you will most likely be know that the girl-magnet car is bound to make heads turn whenever you are out for a spin. This is design at its best if you know what we mean giving you all you need in style, performance and attraction all rolled up in one. This is an interesting choice if you are to buy any of the many BMW versions available because apart from being the only 2 seater car available, it is designed and made specifically for the young and hip and those who enjoy their drive.


The Z4 is one of the cars which are popular for its handling of the car in its 6-cylinder engine which is powerful enough. Although this could be seen as equal to some other competing cars in this range which might be cheaper, you will find that the Z4 offers a great experience in driving, after all the design of the car is definitely going to get you some positive first impressions to begin with.


BMW previously launched the Z3 which although was a revelation in design and style had its shortcomings which have since been rectified and enhanced with the Z4. The Z3 then came with the standard long front design that houses the front-engine and rear drive system. This has not changed with the Z4 so far which comes with the standard covertible or non-convertible versions. Alternatively you can also choose the 2 different versions of the roadster which comes with the 3.0i and 3.0si variants respectively.


Standard features of the Z4 3.0i are the very elegant vinyl upholstery, anti-lock brakes, stability control and 17 inch wheels and fitted with a 3.0 liter inline 6-cylinder engine that gives you up to 215 horsepower in the 6 speed manual gear transmission although the automatic transmission feature is an optional package.


The sportier version, which is the 3.0si comes with greater power, pushing out to 255 horsepower on its same 6-cylinder engine. Its interior design are more refined and more stability found in its 18-inch wheels. The coupe version comes in only 1 version which is the 3.0si version. There is the upscale M version of the Z4 if you are interested. Any Z4 model which are produced after 2006 are considered the better versions as they are better off in performance and design. The Z4 is retailed at RM348,000 for the 2.0i while the 3.0i Roadster s sold at RM468,000 and the M coupe sells for RM538,000.