The latest 3 series from BMW has been launched in Malaysia where it falls under the category with cars like the W204 C-Class. The 2010 versions are locally assembled coming along with great handling and superb design. If you have been following the 3 series closely over the past few years, you will definitely be tempted to try and upgrade to the new versions. Not entirely facelifts as there are additional functions as well, you will like what you see and probably would go and get one yourself if you can.

The 323i Sedan version now comes with the N52 engine while the Sports version can rack up to 190 horsepower and 230Nm of torque instead of the previous version which produces up to 218 horsepower and 250Nm of torque. Interiorly speaking, most of the items are similar but one noticeable addition would be the iDrive system where you will be able o see the 8.8inch high resolution LCD screen which is highly functional that comes with an 80 GB hard disk storage system to save the navigation data as well as to keep your music library.

The iDrive system basically functions as your on board computer multimedia system that saves your music from your MP3 players, iPod or your thumbdrives as well as rip music off your CDs and then storing them in the system. From there you no longer need to bring your media and change them every time. This is the system that you will find the new 5 series versions of the BMW giving and providing you with vital information like traffic information, music and audio collection and such. This is where you will be able to make full use of the 8.8 inch Control Display with high image resolution that display to you some breathtaking graphics and easy to use menu to navigate through the functions. As if to prepare you for higher versions, if you are able to use this, when you decide to upgrade to the 5 series later, you will have no problem doing so. This navigation system also comes with an integrated hard disk where you will be able to store up to 80GB of storage files of media and such. If you do not like to carry your media around with you, you can then store them in the car or have the CD player rip them off from your audio CDs as well.

Other additions to the facelift include the optimised all-wheel drive BMW xDrive that helps enhances your driving stability, driving dynamics and traction. The DSC function is used for brake intervention control that allows torque compensation that helps increases stability when driving on bends. The facelift models are priced at RM236,800 for the BMW 320i, RM248,800 for the Sports version, RM275,800 for the 323i and RM309,800 for the Sports version. The 335i will put you off more costing RM539,800 as it is not CKD, while the rest are.