The scheduled new models of the third generation Minis will start from 2013 and it was announced that they will be fully integrated into the BMW family for better cost-efficiency and product positioning. BMW, the brand owner of the Mini announced that the new MK3 Mini will be built based on the new BMW platform which essentially will come with 2 wheelbase lengths and its front-drive systems respectively. This is where BMW is looking to further strengthen its position in the compact car segment through the Mini brand, which is already highly successful in its own accord.

The new models will be designed and developed through its Oxfordshire manufacturing plant in Cowley that will involve a £500million investment. The first model to receive this treatment will be the F56, a new 3 door hatchback Mini and will most likely be launched in 2012 and start going on sale the following year. On top of that, they are also planning for a new Clubman estate model called the Spacebox which will be competing in the MPV (Multipurpose Vehicle) segment, surely a first for the compact car brand.

The BMW, 3 cylinder engine will be used in the new Mini model which is set to boost out between 120 to 160 horses while there will also be a 2.0 liter engine capable of pushing out 230 horses.